The Day Designer

The Day Designer is a yearly strategic planner and daily agenda for creative entrepreneurs, business women, and working mommas everywhere. As with any good product, the story of how it came to be began with the dream of designing a well-lived life.

On a Saturday morning in November of 2010, I faced of an overflowing email inbox, a hand-scribbled to-do list, a pile of meeting notes, and a daunting holiday rush season in full swing. Overwhelmed and feeling disastrously disorganized, I needed a solution, and quickly. Without any idea of what I was about to produce, I started drawing gridlines on notebook paper. The grid quickly became part calendar, part organized to-do list, and part motivational tool. I used the process throughout the holiday season, and thinking that such a tool had to exist, set out at the beginning of 2011 to try to find it.

No such luck. I looked at planners and agendas far and wide, but they all lacked a feature I was looking for, or had too many features for me to be able to fully take advantage of them. I needed something that would allow me to make notes about my family, my business, and my personal goals and dreams. I needed something to keep me on course, focused, and I needed something that was going to make sure that I was truly doing what I needed to do to achieve my dreams. I needed something that was going to help me design an intentional, balanced, well-lived life, and something that would help me execute that plan, every single day. And so, the concept behind the Day Designer™ was born.

Over the past several years, I’ve spent a lot of time soul-searching, looking for things like “balance” and “authenticity”. The unactionable terms don’t come with directions, or a step-by-step manual for how to find or achieve them. All the branding and business experts tell you to “live authentically” and “be authentic”, and everyone is constantly running around complaining about how un-balanced their lives are. So the questions plagued me: what on earth was my “authentic”? Where was my balance? As I searched, the answers came: authenticity starts with an understanding and acceptance of your genuine purpose, operates with consistent values, focuses on your natural strengths, and balance has the courage to recognize that it cannot be everything to everybody.

It stands to reason that if we can each define our genuine purpose, work on fulfilling that purpose with consistent values, only execute where we know we can succeed (and quit worrying about areas that we aren’t the best at), and have the courage to say no to a few things, that life would be, well, a bit more well-lived. As entrepreneurs (and mommas!) we need to intentionally design every day to execute the vision of a well-lived life. Intentional living starts every morning.

As a creative entrepreneur, I’ve come to realize that there is not a line between life and business. Entrepreneurship is not about building a well-designed brand or business, it’s about building a well-lived life. And if I need help figuring out how to live a well-lived life, my best guess is that there are other entrepreneurs out there who need the same thing.

After spending a full year utilizing, editing, fine-tuning, and perfecting the system, I am delighted (ecstatic? proud, in the most humble way possible? thrilled?) to debut the Day Designer™ in two forms: a blank version, for those that want to start on the month of their choice, and a 2013 system. In short, it will help you create a yearly strategic plan for becoming, and living, the best possible version of you, and then help you apply those goals and dreams in an intentional, focused manner, every single day.

  • The Day Designer™ is printed on luxe weight, ecru paper with a fine tooth for excellent ink absorption.
  • It is bound with brass-finished spiral binding and finished with a hardcover and hardback.
  • The Day Designer™ features eight different worksheets, each designed to start with a broad focus and help you narrow down your purpose and passions into key areas for you to then apply to a daily executable plan.
  • Over 270 pages!
  • A yearly calendar overview.
  • A monthly calendar overview.
  • A daily planning page for each day of the week, and combined weekend planning pages.
  • Each day features an inspirational quote!

The Day Designer® is available for purchase at