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Monogram Etiquette

Monograms can be confusing. Here are a few basic tips to remember:

  • If the center initial is larger, use your Last Initial in the center, First Initial on the left side, and Middle Initial on the right side.
  • If the center initial is the same size as all other letters, list your initials as First, Middle, Last.
  • Technically, since a MONOgram represents ONE person, “combined” monograms are on Emily Post’s no-no list. If you want to do a combined monogram, remember to always put the man’s name first. If the couple’s names are William and Sarah Edwards, the combined monogram would be W for the First Initial, E for the Last Initial, and S for the Middle Initial.

Before a wedding, you are technically not supposed to use a combined monogram. If you really want to, go ahead! It’s your wedding! But a better strategy would be to do the following:

  • For the Rehearsal Dinner Invitations, use the Groom’s family name.
  • For the Wedding Invitations, use the Bride’s family monogram (her parent’s combined monogram is an option, or her maiden monogram is an option).
  • For the Wedding Programs, continue to use the Bride’s family monogram, or her maiden monogram.
  • For cocktail napkins at the wedding reception, use your new combined monogram.
  • For favors at the wedding reception, use your new combined monogram.

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