Whitney English

No More Excuses

The best surprise arrived at my office the other day. I open the shipping box, and unfolded the tissue to reveal nothing other than my very own monogrammed Carrie and Tuck! Queue delight! Turns out that Greg and Jane over at Boatman Geller were doing some product development, and needed a guinea pig. Um, OK!!

So I ran home, and promptly proceeded to show my husband all of the fabulous Carrie and Tuck features. Talk about a kid in a candy store! The Carrie and Tuck is the best thing to happen to stationery since the folded note card! After I got past the ever-so-preppy monogram, I pointed out that the clipboard is what makes the Carrie and Tuck PERFECT for taking to wedding or baby showers. Retailers, are you listening? Every single one of your brides and moms-to-be needs a Carrie and Tuck!

Have you ever been at a shower, and when it is time to open gifts, the hostess runs around scrambling to find a piece of paper and pen to write down the guest of honor’s gifts? Enter the perfect solution: write the gifts on the Carrie and Tuck clipboard, and then tuck the clipboard back into the carrying case. When it is time to write thank you notes, the mom-to-be or bride is completely organized and ready to go!

And the best part? The Carrie and Tuck sits beside the back door, ready to go in an instant. Doctor’s office waiting room? I take the Carrie and Tuck. Road trip? Don’t forget the Carrie and Tuck. Long flights and lots of layovers? Good thing I brought my Carrie and Tuck.

It’s official: the cobbler’s children now have shoes. The stationer now has stationery! There can be no more excuses about why my thank you notes are late. Thank you, Boatman Geller!

  1. I love it! Why couldn't I think of a genius product like that!!? I just might have to give one to my bestest friend for her upcoming wedding showers!!!

  2. cwoody says:

    OMG – LOVE, LOVE it. So, is Carrie & Tuck available or just in development stage? Great gift for my paper-y friends!

  3. Preppy 101 says:

    I have that and love it! I would love to have it monogrammed!! xoxo

  4. LOVE it. Will definitely have to look into one of these. It's so adorable on the outside, too. But what a genius idea!!

  5. Thank you for the great write-up on our Notetotes. We knew you'd be the perfect guinea pig!

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