Whitney English by Shannon Ho Photography

At age 15, Whitney English Kolb began a life-long love affair with paper and interior design at a stationery and gift store in her hometown of Oklahoma City. The two passions, combined with her love of antique prints and textiles, fused in 2002 to create a unique marketplace niche for the Whitney English stationery brand.

The company was founded with baby-sitting money and elbow grease, so it makes a good story. Whitney’s parents, family, and friends all chipped in at one time or another, either by talking her through financials or folding note cards, so if you ask, she never takes all the credit and firmly believes in both verbal and written (of course) gratitude.

In 2012, Whitney closed the wholesale stationery business to focus full time on making a difference in the lives of her family and other creative entrepreneurs. While she is the first to admit that closing a booming business was a tough decision and a huge struggle, she’s also the first to say that her work is so much more joyful than it used to be. Daily, she seeks opportunities to encourage other creative entrepreneurs in their journeys and through their struggles.

Whitney and her husband David live in Oklahoma City with their two sons, Birch and Truitt, and their new baby girl, Charley Ann. David has worked in both furniture and paper, so he’s her dreamboat, really. If there is one thing they are, it is Southern, in a hospitable, gracious, good food and wine sort of way.

She has an affinity for antique French chairs, an appreciation for good handbags and great shoes, and an obsession with classic typestyles. At night, she dreams of charming cottages by the sea, silk ballgowns and a perfectly organized office.