So good to see you!

Hi, friend! I’m Whitney English, founder of the best-selling planner Day Designer, a daily planner created to help women live a well-designed life. I’ve also been called a serial entrepreneur, having started my first company at 22 years old with babysitting money. I’ve started over a dozen more since then. I’m always looking to learn or grow; you can probably find me at a workshop or taking an e-course!

Whitney English by Shannon Ho Photography

This blog is part of my consulting business. It’s focused on helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and dreamers get unstuck. I really like helping people see the potential in themselves and the possibility in their ideas. As a result, I write about challenges, sometime tough topics, and when it’s appropriate, try to talk about the things everyone is afraid to talk about.

I believe that gratitude is the birthplace of joy, that people matter, that love is the answer, that if you’re real you can’t be ugly, that everyone is creative and some of us have just forgotten, that it’s worth trying to be a better version of myself today than I was yesterday, and that I wouldn’t be here except for mercy.

I weave these themes throughout my Instagram posts. I can also be found connecting with other business owners at the Biz Designers Facebook group.

My goal is to make this website an inspiring, encouraging place for you to come to when you feel challenged, stuck, confused, or overwhelmed. Sometimes my blogging gets inconsistent, so I suggest subscribing to get the posts by email (you can use the sign-up form in the footer), if you want to keep up with the latest.

If you’re looking to work with me, you might want to check out Well-Designed Year, a life planning system and workbook that doubles as a mini e-course.

So glad to have you here!