So good to see you!

I know you’re here to make a difference in the world.

You’re smart and committed, with dedication to spare.

And designing a purpose-driven business that aligns with your core values, while earning a meaningful income that supports you and your family, is part of your vision for the future.

The problem?

Listening to your heart and following your dreams seemed like good advice, but things haven’t turned out quite the way you planned, and now you’re feeling confused about how to achieve real results in your business.

But your story isn’t over yet.

With the right encouragement, inspiration, and proven business strategy & advice, you absolutely can create a thriving business that supports you.

Hi, I’m Whitney, business strategist, coach and consultant.

I’m a serial entrepreneur with over 13 years of business experience, having started my first company with babysitting money when I was at 22. I’ve started over a dozen more since then, including two companies that achieved 7 figures in revenue.

I’m also a wife, mama of three, and founder of the best-selling planner, Day Designer, a daily planner created to help women live a well-designed life.


Through my innovative planner products and business strategy advice, I help clients design a business that meets their revenue goals and aligns with their values, and a life that fulfills their purpose.

My approach:

I love helping entrepreneurs, dreamers and other creatives get unstuck and see the potential in themselves and the possibility in their ideas.

But I’m not a pie-in-the-sky business “coach” with limited experience and a rah-rah attitude who might make you feel good in the short run, but won’t get you the business results you want – and deserve – in the long run.

My style is more about using honesty and “tough love” to help you achieve your business and income goals sooner rather than later.

And I’ve been told I’m gifted at pulling out talents, gifts, assets and strengths you didn’t know you had.

Who I work with:

:: I specialize in working with smart solopreneurs who have tried the “follow your passion” path with lackluster results, and are ready to get serious about creating revenue and develop a strong online strategy as part of their business model.

:: I work with clients who are already doing business online and want to brand and position themselves more effectively so they can attract and engage more of their dream clients.

:: I also help men and women just starting out who want to take the leap from employed to full-time business owner, so they can create a life of more freedom, more fun, and more flexibility.

:: I work with more established businesses who are doing well and generating decent revenues, but who want to create a strong internet strategy to take things to the next level of income and impact in their business.

A few of the areas we can work on together to start or grow your business:

:: Online marketing & creating a strong internet strategy

:: Brand messaging & positioning

:: Brand critiques

:: Website and social media channel audits

:: Balancing life and business

I would love to guide you towards the level of business growth that is just right for you, in a way that aligns with your life.

Are you ready to get clarity on your next business move?

Learn more about how we can work together, or email me here for information on rates and availability.