It’s Never Too Deep

After dropping my kids off at school one morning, a thought occurred to me: you’re never in too deep. If it was too deep, you'd be drowning. And realistically, most of us aren't literally drowning. We may feel like it, but, let's face it: we can be pretty good at drama. And since we’re talking about life, and not actual … Read More

Great Fall Giveaway!

The Great Fall Giveaway!

I'm delighted to be joining some of my favorite blogging friends to offer a Day Designer through this great fall giveaway! To enter, just follow the directions … Read More

how to practice courage

Being Brave

  Seth Godin once said in an interview, “Books are like souvenirs of ideas.” As I sit here, befuddled about what my fingers should talk about next, I look … Read More


Finding Purpose